Fs19 seasons cows need straw

In real life the change of seasons, especially weather and daylight, affect animals. This is a natural cycle, which is simulated in the mod. Even though in many farms today animals are artifically inseminated, we have chosen to follow a natural cycle where animals give birth in spring and summer.

In the mod, sheep give birth to offspring in spring, while cows give birth in summer. Pigs are the exception which in gives birth both in spring and in autumn. Milk production varies through the year, being highest in spring and lowest in autumn. Sheep produce wool mostly in spring and some in summer, to imitate that shearing is done before the weather gets too warm. As a result of colder weather in winter, they need more straw as bedding in winter and autumn, than in summer. It is now only possible to fill the feeding throughs with feed lasting maximum 3 days.

If the animals run out of feed, your animals will suffer and die, except if you are playing on Easy difficulty.

The amount of food has also been changed so compared to vanilla the animals will consume more than what you might be used for. The productivities of animals are now average over time. It takes more time and effort to increase productivity than to reduce it.

The cost of keeping animals daily upkeep is with the Seasons mod thought to represent for instance veterinary costs. This means daily upkeep also varies through the year and is highest in the seasons when animals give birth. The solid and liquid manure production is also changed and is with the Seasons mod based on actual real life data for cows and pigs.

In the colder seasons, the animals stay more inside so manure is collected and stored for further use. In the warmer seasons the animals stay more outside, thus the reduced manure production then. Food amounts, daily upkeep, birthrate and production are kept constant per year and independent on what season length is used. As a consequence the values per day are dependent on season length. Realismus Modding Mods Blog Team.

Seasons 17 : Info Download Additional mods Manual. Animals In real life the change of seasons, especially weather and daylight, affect animals.This is a guest post written by Adam, also known as Zugs. He has helped us with the new animal system in Seasons 19 for Farming Simulator Adam has contacted countless sources, such as farmers, nutritionists, veterinarians and agri-governments, to gather the best data possible.

Together with him and his knowledge we created a system that we think is interesting, challenging and close enough to real life. In this post he will be explaining more about the animals, their breeds and their design. Note that all numbers in this post are prone to change for rebalancing. The new version of Seasons for FS19 brings a plethora of new features and a new way of looking at animals in the game.

From Cattle to Pigs and Horses to Chickens, every single species in the game has been worked from the ground up to operate more realistically, based on real life data and specially designed systems. This data have been gathered from industry professionals, studies and knowledgeable individuals alike and have allowed us to truly represent how animals should have been represented in the game in the first place.

In the base game, all we had was a base animal with the same stats and the only difference was the variations in color we got to choose from.

We thought this was very boring, bland and most importantly unrealistic. As some of you may notice, now each species has their own individual breeds that they are based off of. Each breed was chosen carefully based on a variety of factors that cemented their purpose in the game and made sure they were a perfect fit for our purposes. Some breeds within a species have a different use than others such as dairy versus beef with cattle.

By doing this, the player can now take their own route with animals and really pinpoint what they want to do. For cattle, tremendous work was done to simulate a variety of different systems such as realistic milk production, beef production, feed consumption etc based on breed, age, weight and health. Each breed we chose had to fit the category they were filling and introduce their unique natural characteristics into the game.

With Beef cattle what we wanted to do is try something a little different. So instead of buying breeding stock and breeding the cattle out to produce calves to be later sold as beef, we decided that we wanted to simulate a feeder operation. What a feeder operation is, is buying weaned calves at around lbs and feeding them until they are around 1,lbs to 1,lbs and then selling them.

The player can keep the cattle for longer, but selling at 1,lbs to 1, lbs will be the most cost efficient method due to the cattle having the best lean meat ratio over older and heavier animals which would have more fat content. With this method, no breeding is necessary and the way to profit is straight forward. For beef cattle we have three choices; Limousins, Salers and Brahman as seen above.

Limousins are known as the carcass breed and are have a natural efficiency in converting feed to meat. This means they can consume the same amount of feed than other animals of the same size but grow quicker. The Saler on the other hand is not quite as feed efficient as the Limousin but can be bought for cheap and is a great for starting beef farmers on a budget.

And finally the Brahman is a heat tolerant specific breed that grows fast and performs well on marginal feed. With Dairy cattle we really wanted to make things more realistic and add new aspects of owning dairy animals that were not possible before now. And we did just that. Cattle now are already artificially inseminated at purchase and will give birth at the end of gestation.Beitrag von juf. Zum Inhalt. Abmelden Registrieren. Seite 1 von 1. I'm just over a year into a Seasons game on Oakfield Farm, have 60 cows and can't give them straw.

I have had to sell and re-buy the Kuhn Primor straw blower times so far. After a few bales have gone through the blower it seems to stop registering the presence of a new bale so stops working. I have tried removing and replacing with a new bale with no luck, the only solution seems to be take it to the shop, sell it and buy a new one. It wouldn't be so bad if there was a MOD that allowed you to cut open the bale, like FS17, and then use a shovel to use it for bedding.

Is anyone else getting issues like this? Or have any ideas how to fix it? Nach oben. Super easy. I don't think I've used a bale shredder since FS Former real life farmer of lentils, mustard, and wheat on the Canadian prairies. Then scoop it up as needed or use conveyor. I'm not sure if its a problem with seasons, Oakfield or another mod as my log has give little information to that regard.

I suspect theres an issue with the blower it self in relation to season as I have noticed it sink into the ground and spazz out when disconected from the tractor, though I do also use manual attach so it could be a fault with that. The best fix I've found so far is to just reload the game as opposed to selling it and re-bying, but there have been some great suggestions as to an alternative.

It may also be worth checking, some thing I will do my self tomorrow, the other staw blowers and seeing if the same problem happens. Until now I've not seen it as much of a problem as I only do straw in the winter months and it only happens every three days. Reloading the game three time isnt too much of a hassle for me as I x through winter as it is. I think it also allows to reload implements. That way it would be like restarting the game?

If your blower works after a reboot, that is. I never use a blower on the maps I play. Just dump the bale and swoop-swish the trays fill. I used Kuhn on Ravenport and after i switched to Seasons it started to go mad. The problem seems with the Seasons bug that half-used straw bales will disappear after some time. So if one of the straw bales disappear in Kuhn, it will not eat the next one anymore.

Also this machine was quite annoying to load with square bales. So then i switched to Haybuster H, with this i can grind all my bales to straw, but it has one problem. It does not load directly into the animal pen.

fs19 seasons cows need straw

Another switch ahead Started to use Mixing Wagon, just load straw bales inside, drive to pen and unload. Easy as! Can you do same in FS19? I have mostly used the feed mixer, as others have mentioned. At least for cows, you will have this in your garage to produce tmr anyways. If you want to do that two, remember to create a mod out of it or make a backups of the xml file as i did, as it might mess up MP games.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts.

Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Farming Simulator 17 Store Page. Global Achievements. I recently just started using the seasons mod which fresh cut grass erodes very quick. It seems I spend more time cutting and harvesting grass to keep up with spring, summer and fall grass feeding than seems unrealistic in real farming scenarios.

I just don't understand why you have to feed grass to sheep and cows when they have it in the fields they graze in? Maybe I missing something but what happens if I don't feed them grass in the growing seasons? Do you have to feed them grass or does the simulator simulate the actual fact they have grass in the pens to eat already? I grew up on a farm in Oklahoma and I have never heard of farmers harvesting grass to feed livestock during growing months.

Yes I realize you have to feed hay to most livestock in the winter months and the fact you do this with sheep and cows in FS 17 makes sense. The author of this topic has marked a post as the answer to their question.

Click here to jump to that post. Originally posted by Mopic5 :. Showing 1 - 12 of 12 comments. Riverrat View Profile View Posts. You can just feed your sheep hay. Cows need both. For the cowsbeing you can't cut grass in the winter with seasons. I just fill the feeding trough on the last day of fall. It lasts most of the winter. There are mods you can get to store cut grass or bales.

Theres a mod you can get that lets you feed cows hay instead of grass. Because yeah doesn't make sense when they can just eat the grass in their yard.The animals system has received a complete overhaul with new complexities and more depth. The age, weight and gender of each animal you own is simulated and the animal types in vanilla has been replaced with real life breeds.

It has however, not been possible to change the visual appearance of the animals so they will still look the same irrespective of age, gender and weight.

But the visual model ingame corresponds to the correct breed. Each breed has its purpose. Some breeds are meant for meat production, while others are specific breeds for milk, wool and egg production. Horses are designed different than the other animals see below section.

Seasons 19 – Animals for FS 19

The productivity in the base game is again replaced with a health indicator. The health increases with time as all the needs of the animals are fulfilled. Note however that if not properly fed the decrease in health can occur quicker than the increase. The food throughs can in Seasons 19 only contain 48 hours game time of food, meaning it is best to check up on your animals every day. Food intake of each animal depends on their age and their weight. Weight gain also depends on their age and weight and on what they are fed.

To maximize weight gain the best feed has to be provided. The annual amount of feed needed in each animal pen is shown in the menu for the pen. This feed amount takes the growth of the animals into account, but assumes that the health of the animals stays constant. With increasing health the growth will also increase so keeping some reserves might be good. Cattle can produce either manure, or slurry liquid manurebut not both. What they produce depends on whether they have straw.

This aligns better with how real farms are run. Not using straw will cause a slight decrease in productivity, but slurry is much easier to handle and worth more to a farmer than manure. Care for the health of the animals has become of utter importance. Keeping them overnight in a trailer will kill the animals i. Hens lay eggs.The Spurs are 12-0 when they reach 100 points, while the Celtics are 16-2. The Spurs rank second in blocks per game (6.

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FS19 Seasons Animals Only Challenge Ep 1

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fs19 seasons cows need straw

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Seasons 19: Animals

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fs19 seasons cows need straw

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